Portfolio Management

Each portfolio is assigned to a dedicated Account Manager who in conjunction with the client is responsible for the planning and implementation of distribution strategies, monitoring of sales performances and the communication of results.

Retail Allocations

RNA utilises a British developed demand planning and forecasting tool which has been specially adapted and customised for the South African market.
The system allocates copy for an issue amongst a specific group of agents to achieve predetermined performance and efficiency targets while maximising sales potential.

Retail marketing and promotional activities

RNA offers dedicated key account managers whom establishes and maintains relationships with all retail groups and stakeholders. The Marketing department negotiates retail listings, exclusive space and positioning of the magazine category in stores and on floor plans. Exclusive promotional space and opportunities are discussed and negotiated for.


RNA has a well developed and stable distribution infrastructure which is continually upgraded and expanded to comply with customer's requirements. RNA's distribution network consists of:

  • 2 Distribution centres: Cape Town and Johannesburg.
  • Retail deliveries are managed through a network of independent contractors operating from 23 regional branches.
  • RNA services ± 14 500 retail points of sale per week.

Specialised Distribution (Niche Marketing)

RNA entered into a distribution agreement with a Niche Distributor whose principal focus is the sourcing, developing and maintaining of small niche outlets with unique needs.

The performance of the Niche Distributor as well as the outlets it services is monitored continually to measure growth.

Business Development

RNA continually invests in the development of new systems and business processes to offer existing and prospective clients the highest level of service.


RNA prides itself on representing its clients professionally and diligently to improve and develop the magazine market in Southern Africa. This is achieved by a combination of understanding the unique requirements of each of our client's needs and employing our extensive expertise and market influence to achieve our goals.

RNA's philosophy of "information sharing" between its clients and retail stakeholders ensures accurate planning, effective distribution and achieving maximum results ensures clients receive a comprehensive and transparent service.

As a division of the CTP Printing and Publishing group we have additional recourses and support within their network of daily and community news papers, market leading magazines and the extensive network of world class printers.

All these elements pieced together ensure RNA lives up to its mission statement:

"to be the distributor of choice in Africa".