In 2008, RNA engaged Dowling Primary School in Westbury, Johannesburg as our Community Involvement Initiative. The majority of learners at this school reside in the surrounding area where poverty and unemployment is rife. Drug abuse and violence is also very prevalent and something that the learners are exposed to on a daily basis.

On 4th December 2008, RNA Management and Staff accompanied by Father Christmas, host a Christmas Party at the school, handing out gifts and eatables to the learners. The learners were overjoyed by what they received, some receiving gifts for the first time in their lives. This has since become an annual event. Early in 2009, based on a wish list from the school, RNA initiated the erection of structures sorely needed by the school.

Two prefab classrooms to house the Grade R learners were manufactured in Durban and transported to Johannesburg by road.  To minimise disruption to learning at the school, delivery and placement of the classes took place during the 2009 Easter school holidays.

The area in front of the new classrooms was paved to allow for an assembly and line-up area and beyond the paving, roll-on lawn was laid and fenced in to create a safe play area for the little ones.

This area also has a sandbox and jungle gym, making play time really fun.

At the back of the school where it backs onto open fields, the dilapidated perimeter fencing was replaced with a palisade concrete fence, making the school grounds secure.

Later in 2009, a concrete slab was cast in front of the school kitchen from where the learners are provided with daily meals by the school’s feeding scheme. This area was put under roof to protect the learners from the weather and tables and chairs were put down to create a much needed food hall.

In 2010, a much needed additional ablution block was added to the complete the buildings needed by the school on their initial wish list.

From the outset, RNA has been making monthly contributions to the school to assist with its upkeep. The school has very cleverly put this money to very good use. It employs two parents from learners who are most needy to assist with the work needed around the school.

With RNA’s involvement, Dowling Primary School learners enjoy their lunchtime meals protected from the scorching summers and bitterly cold winters, sheltered from the weather and the little ones, have their own area where they can safely learn and play.

This project is truly a testimony to RNA's commitment to enrich the lives of our youth, the future leaders of our country!